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Set within the heart of Singapore’s thriving cosmopolitan cityscape and civic district, SMU is abuzz with life and activity

Practice-Oriented Approach

We use case studies and videos to ensure your learning is contextualised and anchored in real world experience

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What Our Participants Say

Case study of how analytics was applied in organisation in revolving real people matters challenges. Software application of modeling and most importantly the use of Excel to do simple data analysis. These were most useful.
Daphne Wee
Assistant Director, Public Service Division
Dr Raymond Teo is a friendly and approachable trainer. He did an excellent job in explaining complicated concept in a clear and simple manner, allowing everyone in the class to understand the course content easily.
Dr Ong Wei Qiang
Manager, Yale-NUS College
We can relate the things that we learn here to our work experiences. The case studies are very relevant and helpful, take today’s case study for example – coincidentally, I’m working out KPIs for my staff, Through the discussions, I learnt the key points on what are the things to look out for in formulating KPIs. This course touches on many topics that top management is concerned about. It is also relevant to equip younger managers to move up the management hierarchy.
Siau Kim Boon
Senior Project Manager, Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd
All topics were useful as each of them had content that was thought provoking and to take back to real life.
Guruswamy Mani
Country Manager, Reed Specialist Recruitment Malaysia Sdn Bhd
The training course practically enhance my know how and skillset. I use and applied what I learnt. These made and continued to make that differential, positive impact to my organisation in our workaround for the factory manufacturing productivity program, and to maximize our project teams’ effort toward delivering a satisfactory solution to our customers. It enabled me too, to drive my team better in creating and delivering an efficient /stable oil volume dispensing process with Cpk above 1.33 as compared to the initial of 0.87 before the start of our project. This in return, delighted our customers with zero defect in our refrigeration compressors with regard to the oil volume amount dispensed. A very well-presented course with well organised material which has been well delivered ! Francis was very experienced and had great knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and was able to teach it in a very practical experience-based style. Would highly recommend the course to other colleagues in the company ! I am currently embarking my Black Belt training course /certification with SMU academy, to further broaden & enhance my knowledge in lean six sigma !
Ang Koh Yoong
Plant Manager, Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Singapore
For me, it gives a good perspective of management and leadership. For organisations, it helps train their leaders to have a better understanding from the organisation’s perspective and ability to manage the department.
Julia Eng
Assistant Director, Nursing, KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital