Advanced Certificate in Technopreneurship

Advanced Certificate in Technopreneurship

About ACT (Advanced Certificate in Technopreneurship)

This programme, which is brought to you by the Singapore Management University (SMU) in partnership with the Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), aims to develop a pool of entrepreneurial leaders and market savvy professionals who want to take up a leadership role in commercializing high potential deep technology projects. 

Uniquely designed, integrating coursework with real-world deep technology projects; participants will acquire skills required to develop and implement a viable and sustainable business plan for commercialisation of these projects and succeed in a start-up environment. 


Why ACT?

Singapore has been at the forefront of investing in Research and Innovation globally. Investment in the space has grown from $16 billion from the Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2015 plan (RIE2015) to $19 billion for RIE2020. These investments are testaments to the strong research base built by the Universities, Research Institutions, various International Research and Development Collaborations as well as linkages between research institutions and industry. Many of these investments have resulted in technologies with market potential which can be spun out to create successful start-ups.  

ACT now and be part of a growing pool of domain and industry professionals who are uniquely equipped to create start-ups from deep technology projects incubated at the research labs.


The ACT Advantage


International Faculty

Interact and learn from experienced faculty who have deep domain and commercialisation experience

Experiential Learning

Learn and work on real projects and co-create strategies for launching deep technology companies

Unique Networking Opportunities

Connect and network with technologists, industry experts and investors


Build your team, co-found and create your own deep technology start-up


Designed with you in mind

1. Curriculum

  • Dynamic, interactive, practitioner-led curriculum focused on facilitating skills development and supporting career transitions

Module 1: Adaptive Innovation Framework

Use SMART's Adaptive Innovation Framework to navigate technologies from the lab to the market

Module 2: Assessing & Evaluating Market Opportunity & Risk

Pick the right market opportunity for your technology

Module 3: Executing for Success

Learn/Understand the What, When, Where & How of building a tech start-up

Practicum 1

Module 4: Leadership - Creating a culture for high performance team

Providing your team with the raison d'etre and getting them to excel

Module 5: Brand Storytelling

Selling your vision in a compelling and memorable fashion

Module 6: Pitching & Fund Raising

Raising funds to fuel your start-up

Practicum 2

2. Schedule

  • Well-paced schedule to cater to busy professionals.
  • Designed to help you manage your busy schedule, the programme covers 6 modules and 2 practicums spread over 6 months
  • Classes are conducted once a month in the evenings between 7 pm - 10.15 pm on a Thursday and a Friday; and one Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • 50 hours of meetings with technology team – with freedom to schedule around mutually agreed time slots
7pm to 10.15pm
7pm to 10.15pm
9am to 6pm
Networking Session: Candidates and ResearchersMr. Christopher Tan & Mr. Krishna Kumar Nallur 1-Jun 
Adaptive Innovation FrameworkDr. Howard Califano & Mr. Krishna Kumar Nallur7-Jun8-Jun9-Jun
Assessing and Evaluating Market Opportunity & RiskDr. Frank Siegfried5-Jul6-Jul7-Jul
Lab to Market: Executing for SuccessDr. Michel Birnbaum2-Aug3-Aug4-Aug
Practicum 1: Opportunity ValidationMr. Christopher Tan & Mr. Krishna Kumar Nallur  25-Aug
Leadership – Creating a Culture for High Performance TeamDr. Philip Charles Zerrillo6-Sep7-Sep8-Sep
Brand StorytellingDr. Roh Sungjong4-Oct5-Oct6-Oct
Pitching and FundraisingMr Koh Chaik Meng1-Nov2-Nov3-Nov
Practicuum 2:  Business Pitch and PlanMr. Christopher Tan & Mr. Krishna Kumar Nallur  24-Nov
Graduation   12-Jan-19

Networking Session : potential candidates and researchers

Christopher and Krishna
1-Jun / 7pm to 10.15pm
Classroom/SR: SMART CREATE L10


Adaptive Innovation Frameworks & Realising Technology Start-Ups

Dr Howard Califano & Krishna Kumar
7-Jun / 7pm to 10.15pm
8-Jun / 7pm to 10.15pm
9-Jun / 9am to 6pm


Assessing & Evaluating Potential Market Opportunities

Dr Frank Siegfried and Mr Koh Chaik Meng
5-Jul / 7pm to 10.15pm
6-Jul / 7pm to 10.15pm
7-Jul / 9am to 6pm


Practicum 1: Opportunity Validation

Krishna Kumar and Christopher Tan
28-Jul / 9am to 6pm


Lab to Market : Executing for Success

Dr Michel Birnbaum
2-Aug / 7pm to 10.15pm
3-Aug / 7pm to 10.15pm
4-Aug / 9am to 6pm


Leadership & Culture – Building High Performance Teams

Dr Philip Charles Zerrillo
6-Sep / 7pm to 10.15pm
7-Sep / 7pm to 10.15pm
8-Sep / 9am to 6pm


Effectively Communicating a Compelling Brand Story

Tentative AP Mark Chong and Mr Ashok Mirande
4-Oct / 7pm to 10.15pm
5-Oct / 7pm to 10.15pm
6-Oct / 9am to 6pm


Pitching and Fundraising

Mr Koh Chaik Meng
1-Nov / 7pm to 10.15pm
2-Nov / 7pm to 10.15pm
3-Nov / 9am to 6pm


Practicuum 2: Business Pitch and Plan

Krishna Kumar and Christopher Tan
24-Nov / 9am to 6pm



SMU Patron's day

3. Generous Funding

Obtain generous support under Skillsfuture Singapore. With 90% funding support for Singapore Citizens 40 years and above; and 70% support for Singapore Citizens < 40 years old and Singaporean Permanent Residents. 


4. SMU’s city campus

Classes will be conducted at SMU’s 4.5 hectares of state-of-the-art city campus, strategically located within the heart of Singapore’s thriving cosmopolitan cityscape.


About SMU



A premier university in Asia, the Singapore Management University (SMU) is internationally recognised for its world-class research and distinguished teaching. Established in 2000, SMU’s mission is to generate leading-edge research with global impact and produce broad-based, creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy.

SMU Academy is the professional training arm of Singapore Management University. With its pillars of Financial Services, Human Capital, Leadership & Management and Technology & Intelligent Systems, it leverages SMU's reputation and linkages to prepare our workforce with the competencies, capabilities and career resilience required for today’s rapidly changing world.



SMART is MIT’s first research centre outside of Cambridge, MA and its largest international research endeavour. The SMART Innovations Centre identifies and nurtures a broad range of technologies (biotechnology, biomedical devices, IT, new materials, clean technology, nano technology, energy innovations, amongst others), by creating a fertile environment for faculty and student entrepreneurs to grow. The SMART Innovation grants have resulted in the creation of over 30 deep tech companies out of Singapore.