Artificial Intelligence: A Layman's Approach

Programme Code: CRS-N-0045020


The new face of industry and automation is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

By increasing the human capacity for data collection and processing, AI presents limitless possibilities in its applications and subsequently its business potential. Streamlining and optimising operations, and reaching out to customers and enhancing their interactions are increasingly becoming easier for businesses thanks to AI. 

The so-called AI revolution is here to stay and shows no signs of slowing, which means business managers and key decision-makers like you would do well to familiarise yourselves with the trends and opportunities for its use in various fields. Doing so will empower you to tap into AI’s capabilities and potentially change your organisation and your industry for the better.

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest buzzwords in business and industry. AI technology is a crucial lynchpin of much of the digital transformation taking place today as organisations position themselves to capitalise on the ever- growing amount of data being generated and collected.

So, what is AI? Join us for this 1-day course and equip yourself with the knowledge of what AI is as well as its impact on the market and industry from a practical and experiential perspective. 

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1 day



Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand AI and the underlying segments that make it successful such as Machine Learning - the types and issues around it
  • Learn about AI use cases across sectors and the different approaches
  • Gain insights into current trends in AI
  • Learn about the AI strategy of Tech Giants 

Who Should Attend

Business function and/ or IT managers, and working adults seeking to gain an appreciation of artificial intelligence and its applications in the business world.


An assessment will be conducted at the end of the course.

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Speaker/Trainer Bio

Joel Ko 
Founder, DeepBase AI

An Affiliate Faculty member of the SMU Academy, and an investor and serial entrepreneur, Joel's lifelong goal is to invest in and support 10,000 innovative individuals and companies around the world. The purpose is to bring sustainable and smart development to global communities, including via the use of artificial intelligence (AI). With speciality in PE/VC investments, he develops various businesses and accelerates portfolio companies with a focus on AI, FinTech, and Smart City innovations. Recently, leveraging his experience as the co-founder of the world’s largest FinTech hub LATTICE80, Joel is passionately committed to launching an AI hub called ‘DeepBase’ globally.

Joel has written widely on the topic of AI, FinTech, Blockchain, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for publications including The Business Times, Yahoo, Tech In Asia and Singapore Business Review, and has volunteered actively as a mentor for startups. As an Affiliate Faculty at the Singapore Management University (SMU), he lectures on AI and FinTech. He is also a seasoned speaker at international conferences on those topics, and was selected as a LinkedIn Power Profile (Top 8) for Singapore in Finance in 2018. Joel holds an MBA from the National University of Singapore Business School.


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