Prove you have the in-depth technical skills required of a cybersecurity specialist.

SMU Academy, in partnership with ISACA and Workforce Singapore (WSG) offers you the rare opportunity to get your specialised abilities affirmed and get certified by the award-winning CSX Practitioner certification examination.


Designed for IT professionals who wish to get a head start in a cyber security career, this course aims to build complex and advanced technical skills essential for career advancement and help prepare its participants for the award-winning ISACA CSX Practitioner certification examination.


Conducted in an adaptive, live cyber laboratory environment, this condensed hands-on course enables participants to build critical technical skills by learning complex concepts and practice applying industry-leading methods. Participants will also be given scenario-based case studies from across industries to illustrate how the MAS law and regulatory requirements are applied in real-life critical incident response and management.




By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Gain hands-on experience in a live cyber laboratory environment in applying methods implemented by cyber security professionals in key areas aligned with global cyber security frameworks.
  • Gain a concise, clear understanding of relevant technical skills and the governance and policy supporting the required skillset.
  • Understand the Singapore laws and regulations which constitute the cyber security incident management requirements.
  • Understand the Notice MAS 644 and TRM guidelines in a cyber security incident response and management process. 


Participants will receive a complimentary 6-month subscription (from the commencement date of the course) to the virtual cyber lab environment where they can continue practicing and building technical skills after the course and prepare themselves for the ISACA CSX Practitioner certification examination, if they so wish.



Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate from Singapore Management University. Each participant will also earn 54 CPE credits upon completion of the course.

Participants can choose to sit for the CSX Practitioner certification examination after completing the course and become a Certified Cybersecurity Practitioner upon passing the examination. The CSX Practitioner Boot Camp helps participants develop and build the technical cyber security skills necessary to sit for the examination.

Module Fees

SGD4,000 per participant for the boot camp. Participants who wish to sit for the CSX Practitioner certification examination are required to pay an additional SGD500 for examination fee.


All fees quoted exclude GST.

Course Structure

Each day in this immersive training covers complex technical skills and concepts in one of 5 areas aligned to existing global cyber security frameworks


  • Identify: Identification, assessment and evaluation of assets, threats and vulnerabilities in both internal and external networks
  • Protect: Implementation of cyber security controls to protect a system from identified threats
  • Detect: Detection of network and system incidents, events and compromise indicators, along with assessment of potential damage
  • Respond: Execution of comprehensive incident response plans and mitigation of cyber incidents
  • Recover: Recovery from incidents and disasters, including post incident-response documentation and implementation of continuity plans


Each lesson covered in the course is matched with practice labs and tools


This course is designed for you if you are an established professional with 1 to 5 years of relevant experience in the cyber security field. Participants registering for this course should demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:


  • Network Scanning
  • Specialised Port Scans
  • Network Topologies
  • Network Log Analysis
  • Centralised Monitoring
  • Hotfix Distribution
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Compromise Indicators
  • False Positive Identification
  • Packet Analysis
  • User Account Controls


Financial professionals or individuals who plan to embark on a cyber security career will benefit from the learning of the laws, regulations and the compliance requirements applicable to various industries in this specially crafted CSX Practitioner course offered by SMU Academy.


This course is supported by funding from Workforce Singapore (WSG).


All self and company sponsored individuals who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents will only be required to pay SGD2,750 (before GST) for the course subject to all funding eligibility criteria being met.


WSG funding is available only for this run.

SkillsFuture Credit is also applicable for this course.


Course Date

12-16 June 2017


To register for the course, visit


Instructor Profile


Mr Patric J.M. Versteeg
Chief Information Security Officer


As an innovative (cyber) security professional with more than 18 years of experience in information and communication technology, Patric delivers strategic planning, leadership engagement, sharp analysis, and custom solutions to help ensure that businesses stay secure in the ever changing (cyber) security landscape. 


With a strong technical acumen and deep understanding of (cyber) security strategies, Patric has developed innovative risk management and performance tracking tools that help inform and improve the overall (cyber) security strategy for organisations, and provide sound and innovative solutions to multidimensional (cyber) security problems thereby building high level of business confidence among customers. 


Leveraging his extensive skills, rich experiences, and deep insight into upholding and upgrading businesses’ (cyber) security posture, Patric has played a key role in the establishment of several (cyber) security offices around the globe.