Digital Transformation Seminar

What to Expect

Digitalisation is a global phenomenon that touches every industry and nearly every consumer in the world. The transformation is here. It is the time now to discover how you can best benefit from new technologies, high-impact analytics strategies, and new ways of working to create an agile, digital organisation, that will retain a competitive edge.


Attend this one-day Chinese seminar and hear from our expert speakers, both locally and from overseas, on how industries and organisations across the globe are successfully leveraging new developments and seizing new opportunities that digitalisation presents.


Jointly organised by SMU and World Scientific Publishing, and supported by IMDA SSG and Lianhe Zaobao, this seminar features speakers from Alibaba, Deloitte and Marvelstone Group and covers topics such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, Cloud Computing.






本次专题讨论会由新加坡管理大学与世界科技出版集团共同主办,新加坡资讯通信媒体发展局,新加坡精深技能发展局与《联合早报》协办,并且荣幸地邀请到了来自阿巴巴(Alibaba)、德勤(Deloitte)和Marvelstone Group的资深士对区块链、工智能、数据分析、云计算等主题进分享。



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