How to Raise Private Equity Funds to Grow Your Business


Private equity deals involving household names, such as The Learning Lab, Crystal Jade, Charles & Keith, Parkway Health, Courts, etc. have made private equity (PE) more widely known to the general public. Business owners are now turning to private equity firms not just for capital but also for their expertise to add value to the business.

For business owners and entrepreneurs looking to attract PE funds to grow their businesses, this interactive workshop aims to provide valuable insights from the perspectives of PE firms. What do they look for in an investee company? What is on the radar when performing due diligence? How do they value businesses? What are the deal breakers?

Facilitated by the general partner of a PE fund, participants will learn through extensive case discussions and sharing from industry practitioners, and walk away with useful tips for their engagements with PE firms.

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2 days


Singapore Management University

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the nature of private equity investments
  • Know what businesses attract private equity investors
  • Gain insight into private equity due diligence process
  • Learn to negotiate deals from owner’s perspectives
  • Hear first-hand from private equity practitioners


How Private Equity Can Add Value

Learn what private equity (PE) can do for businesses at various stages of the corporate life-cycle, and what are the different ways they can add value. Understand how private equity differs from other financing options.


What Makes Good Investments for PE

Know what PE firms look for when screening for potential investee companies. Learn how to position the business to win over prospective PE firms. Be aware of common pitfalls that could break the deal.


Due Diligence – A PE Perspective

Gain insights into private equity due diligence process, the different stages and focuses of PE firms. Know how PE assess risks and exit opportunities to determine valuation and walk away price.


Negotiating a Deal

Understand the common types of deal structures, terms and conditions. Assess the trade-off between funding and control. Learn to negotiate the terms and conditions of deals with PE investors to achieve a win-win outcome.

Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, etc keen to raise funds for business.
  • Financial professionals such as CEOs, CFOs, accountants, business development managers


Upon meeting the attendance requirement and passing the assessment, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion

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Intake Information

Q4 2018

Lessons are held from 9am - 5pm

Speaker/Trainer Bio

Yong Kwek Ping

Kwek Ping is the CEO of Inventis Investment Holdings, the largest private equity growth fund in China with over USD 10 billion of capital under management. The Inventis funds target five themes: Greater China Growth funds, Global fund, China-Korean fund, Sino-Russia Fund and Technology Innovation Fund.

Well-acknowledged for his excellent track record, Kwek Ping is frequently invited to speak at seminars and conferences globally. Passionate about mentoring young professionals, Kwek Ping actively engages in facilitating private equity and entrepreneurship courses at the Wharton School, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Imperial College Business School and the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, Russia.

Kwek Ping is a Senior Fellow of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA. He is also the Centre Director of the Greater China Centre for Private Equity at the University of Macau.


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