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Vibrant City Campus

Set within the heart of Singapore’s thriving cosmopolitan cityscape and civic district, SMU is abuzz with life and activity

Practice-Oriented Approach

We use case studies and videos to ensure your learning is contextualised and anchored in real world experience

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What Our Participants Say

Use of case studies helps in understanding and application of the concepts.
Alethea Liew
Assistant Director, Ministry of Education
Very practical and insightful sharing
Lo Yong Huat
Director, HR, Sia Huat Private Limited
Very, very insightful. Excellent choice of presenter / trainer. A big thank you to all organisers! Well done!!!
Isaac Tan
General Manager, Big 3 Productions
Although it was a short course, it was well packaged and focused to equip the students with basic but effective trading techniques. The case studies used in class, facilitated better understanding on how to apply the trading techniques. Most importantly, the post-course support provided continuous guidance to help the students through their learning journey.
Boon Chuan
Director, HR, Sia Huat Private Limited
This course benefitted me in my organization by process improvement translating into monetary savings : the purchasing workflow was streamlined and cost saving for the company projected to be approximately $70K per annum.  Mr Francis Lim is very experienced and can articulate really well. Being knowledgeable and being able to impart knowledge is very different. To this end, I think he did exceptionally well ! Yes, I would recommend a friend to take the course !
Francis Ong
Deputy General Manager, Shori Pte Ltd
As an working adult, it is not an easy task to constantly upgrade oneself and stay relevant with new trends and developments. SMU has provided me with a range of courses and programmes that are engaging, practical for both as a working professional and organisation leader and last but not least, beneficial for personal development. More importantly, it has provided me with a direction to chart this learning path, provided the encouragement and guidance during the process through highly experienced facilitators, and recognised this continuous learning effort by the institution.
Ray Goy
HR & Operations Director, CD Imaging Pte Ltd