Technical Analysis

31 Oct 2018
Technical Analysis image

In the unceasing quest for investment return and yield, astute investors and traders tirelessly scour market price data to identify suitable opportunities which are most aligned with their personal investment styles, needs, strategic ethos’s, experience levels in trading and risk preferences. It is therefore fundamental for wise investors to possess a basic understanding of technical analysis to undertake an informed decision to optimise their entry into and exit from the markets of choice.

Technical Analysis

Looking at the chart above, the GBP/CHF foreign exchange rate has recently reversed its trend, going through a swing formation and showing signs of retracement. Should a trader go long on this pattern? How does one validate one’s intuition?

Come to SMU Academy’s popular course on Trading the Financial Markets: Technical Analysis to learn from our resident expert trader, Mr. Adrian Ong, about risk management and proven trading strategies you could employ to improve your financial trading skills.

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To help you choose and master the market of your choice, SMU Academy offers several courses that cover the currency, options, and futures markets, and introduce you to technical analysis as a means for making sound investment and trading decisions.

Having the guidance of experienced instructors helps you look forward to a profitable “harvest” when the time comes to reap what you’ve sown.