领导新零售转型 (Leading New Retail Transformation)

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What is new retail? How do we digitalise consumer, goods and market? How do we apply RetailTech to create new business models? Drawing on Alibaba’s research findings on new retail over the past ten years, this masterclass will profile a myriad of used cases, ranging from cases of unmanned stores, supermarkets to warehouse logistics, and highlight lessons learned from Alibaba's new technologies and new innovations.

This masterclass also discusses the three major driving forces of new retail, the six emerging consumer groups, and the many business opportunities brought about by companies in countries along the Belt and Road. Participants will also gain insights into how the "Net Red Economy" that emerged in Alibaba’s "Double 11" shopping festival managed to achieve higher sales than ZARA and other international big brands.

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1 day



Learning Objectives



- 获得有关适用技术和数字战略的见解,将在线到线下的无缝客户体验集成在一起
- 了解中国最新的零售趋势和数字战略
- 向具有全渠道经验的成功零售商,“点击式”概念和数字营销策略学习,以提高客户参与度

Conducted mainly in Mandarin and supplemented by English, the course will allow participants to:

  • Understand 'new retail'
  • Learn about the latest retail trends and digital strategies in countries such as China, etc.
  • Gain insights into applicable technologies and digital strategies that integrate seamless customer experience from online to offline
  • Learn from successful retailers with omni-channel experience, 'click-and-motar' concept and digital marketing strategies on how to increase customer engagement 

Who Should Attend



Business owners or senior managers from all business areas who wish to gain insights and exposure into the 'new retail' development and learn how some of these strategies and technologies can be applied to their businesses.




Course assessment will be based on written test and project presentation.

Fees and Funding


SkillsFuture Series

Course fee grant at 70% of course fees (excluding GST) for participants who are successfully enrolled by SMU into approved courses under the Programme. Participants must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy ("MCES")

Up to 90% of course fees for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above.

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs ("ETSS")

Up to 90% of course fees; and 80% of basic hourly salary capped at $7.50/hr for local employees of SMEs.

SkillsFuture Credit
二十五岁或以上的新加坡公民,通过个人报名方式报名成功后可以使用SkillsFuture Credit支付课程费用(最多可用$500)。

Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above, and self-funding the course may use their SkillsFuture Credit (up to S$500) to defray part of the course fee. 

课程总费用:$1070 (包含GST)
获取SkillsFuture Singapore补贴后所支付的费用:

·  新加坡公民和新加坡永久居民:$321(包含GST

·  四十岁或以上的新加坡公民:$121(包含GST

Full Fee: S$1,070 per participant (including GST of $70)
Nett fee payable after SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Funding for Individuals:

  • S$321 (including GST of $21) for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents
  • S$121 (including GST of $21) for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above



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22 October 2018 (Completed)

Speaker/Trainer Bio




Tian Feng, Ben

Senior Director of Alibaba Cloud Research and Director

Alibaba Group


田丰长期专注于云计算、人工智能、大数据、物联网等前沿科技领域研究,曾任工信部人才交流中心工业和信息化特邀专家,阿里巴巴淘宝大学、京橙讲坛特邀讲师,中国互联网协会核心专家,全球TOGAF认证企业架构师,英国OGC认证ITIL 专家,ISO20000/ISO27001主任审核师,美国MBA。著作包括《互联网3.0》《云上工业智能》《互联网+:从ITDT》《互联网+:未来空间无限》等。


Ben specialises in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, internet of things and other cutting edge technology research. He has been an invited expert of China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Exchange Center, a guest lecturer at Alibaba Taobao University and Jingcheng Forum, as well as a core expert of the Internet Society of China. Ben is a global TOGAF certified enterprise architec-ture professional, a UK OGC certified ITIL Expert, a certified ISO20000/ISO27001 Lead Auditor, and has an MBA from an American City University. Ben is the author of numerous books and reports including Internet 3.0, Industrial Intelligence on Cloud, Internet Plus: From IT to DT, Internet Plus: Future Space is infinite, etc.


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