Extracting Business Value Through Data Analytics

Big data used to be a buzzword with futuristic-sounding connotations, but the future of data analytics has arrived.

The constant flow of new data accumulating at unprecedented rates presents new challenges for organisations. Increasingly, the use of analytics to turn data into new business insights to make better decisions, improve policy making and enhance day-to-day performance has become increasingly strategic for these organisations.


Organisations that want to compete in the 21st century need to continue to embrace data analytics for their operations and equip their teams with individuals who have the requisite skills to help translate data into actionable intelligence. 


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About the Course

This 1-day course is designed for professionals who wish to enhance their vocabulary to engage in meaningful and constructive conversations on how to leverage data and analytics to improve their business process and business performance.

The course will provide you with practical knowledge on what business analytics entails and the process, enablements and creativity required to extract business value from data. Your journey to an impactful and sustainable Analytics begins here. 


By the end of the course, you will be able to

  • Understand the need for analytics and the type of analytical approaches – descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive

  • Understand the emerging analytics landscape and importance of demystifying big data

  • Learn about the capabilities of analytics in the analytics value chain for various industries, the various analytical techniques and their application

  • Learn about the requirements of enterprise wide business analytics implementation

  • Understand through the use of case studies the importance of analytics framework in driving proper adoption of analytics 

Course Outline

1. Overview

  • Need for analytics
  • The spectrum of analytical approaches: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive


2. Analytics Landscape

  • Who's doing what
  • Demystifying Big Data


3. Solving Problems

  • Undestanding the types of problems you are solving: Deviation, Anticipation, Allocation
  • Framing the problem: What-Why-How
  • Getting started with Analytics: a 7-step problem-solving methodology
  • Examples of bad analytics
  • Re-framing the problem: the power of simplicity and innovative thinking


4. Enabling Analytics

  • Developing Analytical frameworks
  • Brief overview of analytics techniques and their application
  • Case study exercise on Analytics


5. Data Management for Analytics

  • Shifting from Reporting to Analytics
  • Setting up the right data environment
  • Key considerations for data management


6. Next Steps

  • Your analytics journey – impactful, repeatable, sustainable


Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for leaders such as CIOs, CTOs, stakeholders, functional officers, technical directors and project managers, IT executives and line of business executives and functional managers, business analysts, consultants and any professionals in business management who seek to understand how they can leverage on data and analytics to derive business value. 

Level of Proficiency



An assessment will be conducted at the end of the course.


Upon meeting the minimum attendance requirement and passing the assessment, participants will receive a Completion Certificate.

Type of Course



Data Analytics, Finance

Instructional Methods and Learning Activities

Lectures, Discussions, Case Studies


SkillsFuture Series

Course fee grant at 70% of course fees (excluding GST) for participants who are successfully enrolled by SMU into approved courses under the Programme. Participants must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy ("MCES")
Up to 90% of course fees for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs ("ETSS")
Up to 90% of course fees; and 80% of basic hourly salary capped at $7.50/hr for local employees of SMEs

SkillsFuture Credit
Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above, and self-funding the course may use their SkillsFuture Credit (up to S$500) to defray part of the course fee. Please click User Guide on how to submit your claim. SkillsFuture Credit claims may be submitted by logging in via MySkillsFuture.



Full Fee: S$856 per participant (including GST)


Nett fee payable after SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Funding for Individuals:

  • S$256.80 (including GST) for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents
  • S$96.80 (including GST) for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above


1-3 years of relevant experience 

Course Date

Run 1: 29 November 2017 (Full)

Run 2: 31 January 2018 (Full)

Run 3: 4 April 2018 (Open for Registration)




Eric Sandosham

Dr Eric Sandosham

Founder & Partner Red & White Consulting Partners LLP 


Eric is a well-known leader and practitioner in business analytics. He is widely recognised across the region as one of the early pioneers in the decision science practice. In 2013, he co-founded Red & White Consulting Partners LLP, a boutique business analytics consultancy which leverages data and analytics to ‘connect the dots’ between People, Products and Profit, so as to improve business performance.


Before becoming an entrepreneur, Eric spent 18 years in Citi Asia Pacific. He was the Managing Director and Regional Head of the bank’s Decision Management function for Asia Pacific, where he oversaw a team of more than 300 analysts across 14 markets, contributing to 25% of the consumer bank’s revenues.