SkillsFuture For Digital Workplace

Today's digital technologies are progressing at a blinding speed never before experienced.


The Internet, social media, and online transactions have increased exponentially in the last 10 years, and the pace of change continues unabated. Just like brick-and-mortar stores are gradually losing out to online shopping, physical military combat will be also be giving way to cyber warfare and robo-soldiers in the next decade. Anyone who is not retired needs to embrace the future digital economy, if not as experts, then at least as smart users of the various digital technologies.


In the workplace, how can we better shield ourselves from digital crimes without significantly hindering our productivity? Individually, how can smart device users harness technology and manage data to more effectively improve how they work and live?


About the Course


This is a hands-on, highly interactive and fun course where participants will gain insights into how technology is transforming workplaces - be it in the office, in factories, on the show floor, and in the various transport nodes; and how individuals can harness digital data to their advantage. Gain control of your very own future so that you can maintain your edge in a technology-rich environment.




At the end of the course, participants will be able to demonstrate basic working knowledge and competencies with the following outcomes:


  • Understand job requirements in the future digital economy
  • Learn how to work effectively in a tech-rich, data-rich environment
  • Learn how to safeguard cyber security in daily/work applications
  • Gain an appreciation of basic use of big data and information available in the workplace
  • Develop an action plan for your own career progression and learning



2 days


25 & 26 January (English)
27 & 28 February (Mandarin)
15 & 16 March (English)
20 & 21 March (Mandarin)


9 AM to 5 PM


Singapore Management University


- SGD 600 (before GST) for Foreigners;

- SGD 50 (incl GST) for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents;

- SGD 10 (incl GST) for NTUC Union Members.


SkillsFuture Course Code*: CRS-N-0043536


SkillsFuture Course Name*: SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace


* Important Note: Participants claiming SkillsFuture credits should locate the course in Training Exchange using the Course Code / Name.



About the Trainer


Kan Siew Ning

Singapore Management University


Siew Ning is an adjunct faculty at the Singapore Management University teaching in both the School of Information Systems and School of Business. An engaging and resourceful instructor, the courses he teaches include Technology & World Change, Technology Solutions and Analytics for HR Development & Management, Leadership & Teambuilding, and Innovations for Asia's Smart Cities.


Siew Ning has more than 30 years of work experience with the Singapore Government and private sector in various capacities, including software development, large-scale engineering projects and knowledge management. As Director of the Police Technology Department from 2004-2011, he managed a group of 250 officers, and in total handled almost 100 IT and engineering projects, including master-planning.