Practical Investing - Currency Trading

Programme Code: CRS-N-0046196 (Funding Validity Period: 16 May 2018 - 30 Sep 2020)


Learn to trade the world's single largest asset class

Uncertainties created by events such as fiscal and monetary policy changes by the Trump administration, threat of US-China trade war, geopolitical tension in the Korean peninsula and the Middle East, have led to increased volatilities in currency markets. The turbulent markets open up many trading opportunities but there is increasing need to manage risk exposures to ensure profitable trades.

The Practical Investing – Currency Trading workshop aims to provide investors with practical approach to assess market, and develop trading strategies and risk management measures to trade the world’s single largest asset class.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn to put together trading strategies and risk management models applicable to currency trading.

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2 days


Singapore Management University

Learning Objectives
  • Gain insights on how monetary policies impact FX markets
  • Apply effective trading and risk management strategies
  • Understand what role do currencies play in the global markets
  • Understand how currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks and bonds impact each other.
  • Put together a working trading model


Understanding Currency Markets

  • Impact of macro factors and market forces
  • Using different instruments to access the markets


Market Assessment

  • Is the market conducive for trading?
  • Which markets to trade?
  • What is an appropriate timeframe?


Trading Strategies

  • Trend following trading
  • Counter-trend trading
  • Thematic investment models
  • Market profiling
  • Trading using Fibonacci psychological levels

Managing Trading & Investment Risks

  • Position sizing
  • Risk-return ratio


Tactics to Create Trading Advantages

  • Demystifying  myths in “algo” trading, “binaries” etc.
  • Cryptocurrencies and their impact on futures market
  • How to create trading advantages against AI trading programs in the market


Practicum: Putting It Together

  • Deciding which market to trade
  • Selecting an appropriate timeframe
  • Picking your strategies
  • Implementing risk position sizing models
  • Putting it all together

Who Should Attend

  • Individuals looking to gain practical knowledge in trading & longer-term investing
  • Trading representatives, including dealers, stock brokers, remisiers and retail traders
  • Bankers and investment advisors looking to provide clients with deeper market insights

* At least one year of trading and/or investment experience in FX and personal laptop with windows OS and good quality mouse. Admission to the programme is subject to approval.  


Upon meeting the attendance requirement and passing the assessment, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion

Learning Activities

Classroom Training. An interactive workshop where participants will gain hands on practice via trading simulation and work in teams to develop a trading model. 

Fees and Funding

Full Fee: S$1,712 per pax (incl GST)

Nett Fee payable after SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Funding:

  • S$513.60 (incl GST) for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents
  • S$193.60 (incl GST) for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above
  • S$193.60 (incl GST) for Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents on Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS)
  • S$113.60 (incl GST) for Singaporeans on Workfare Training Support (WTS)

• All self-sponsored Singaporeans aged 25 and above can use their $500 SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the programme. Visit the SkillsFuture Credit website ( to select the programme.

• Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy - Singaporeans aged 40 and above may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee

• Workfare Training Support (WTS) - Singaporeans aged 35 and above (13 years and above for persons With disabilities) and earn not more than S$2,000 per month, may enjoy subsidies up to 95% of the programme fee.

• Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETSS) - SME-sponsored employees (Singaporean Citizens and PRs) may enjoy subsidies up to 90% of the programme fee. For more information, visit

• Eligible organisations (excluding government entities) may apply for the absentee payroll funding via SkillsConnect at for Singaporean/permanent resident participants attending the programme during working hours. The absentee payroll funding is computed at 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $4.50 per hour or $7.50 per hour for SME or 95% of hourly basic salary for WTS. For more information, visit


Start Date(s)
Intake Information

22 & 23 Mar 2019 (Fri & Sat)

Program is held from 9am - 5pm

Speaker/Trainer Bio

Kevin Ho

Kevin has over 22 years in wealth and asset management. He is currently Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at Capital Asia Investments. A former Head of Asian Sovereign Wealth at ABN AMRO Asset Management and SVP of Wealth Management Advisory at HSBC, Kevin was also currency desk head at Citibank and a Floor Trader in the Nikkei 225 Futures pit in SIMEX (SGC-DT).

Kevin has facilitated financial training for about 18 years, in subjects such as portfolio management, trading strategies,  advisory sales, asset liability matching and wealth management. Kevin holds a Master of Science in Finance from the City University of New York, and is actively involved as Board Member of several large non-profit organisations in Singapore in the Finance, Technology & Training space.


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