SBF-SMU Lead Charge Initiative

Lead-Charge: An Initiative by SBF and SMU Academy to assist small and medium enterprises in creating value

Starting July 2018

This initiative will assist local SMEs by providing access to:

  • SMU’s proprietary ATCG Business Transformation Model
  • Flagship “Lead-Charger” Onboarding programme for an in-house team who will lead the change
  • Other quality training on change management, tech management, innovation, internationalisation, data protection laws and other areas needed by the SME
  • SME Consulting Programme offered by Spring through Singapore Business Federation
  • Recognition at an awards ceremony for participants and companies and their leaders who have led in business

Business transformation is inevitable and vital. Carefully planned transformation can help SMEs scale and be internationally competitive. The Initiative offers schemes and programmes that support SMEs in this transformation journey.

Consultancy teams are able to assist in the following areas (not limited to):

  • Evaluation of business opportunities
  • Business planning
  • Market research and strategies
  • Brand audit and strategies
  • Operational process review and enhancement
  • Accounting data analytics and delivery efficiencies
  • Development of appraisal system
  • Review of remuneration structure
  • Job mapping and review of HR processes
  • Feasibility studies for expansion or internationalisation
  • Organisation climate analysis
  • Overseas market/business

Transformation Champion Awards:

To recognise SMEs and leaders who have made an effort and successfully completed a business transformation project for their companies, SBF will honour them at an annual award ceremony in 2019.

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