Established in 2000, SMU has earned a reputation for its leading-edge research with global impact. We produce creative and entrepreneurial leaders with broad-based knowledge, well-prepared for the needs of the economy.


Graduates from SMU register a strong overall employment rate of 94% within six months of graduation. More than 7 in 10 receive job offers before graduation, and more than half of them receive multiple job offers.

Our faculty are specialists in the field of finance, marketing, communications, operations, organizational behaviour, strategy, behavioural sciences and analytics. They work closely with both the private and public sectors to provide professional consultancy and customised training.

For working professionals, post-diploma and post-graduate applicants, SMU offers a range of professional courses and accreditation programmes that will enable you to learn new competencies and gain an edge in your profession. For your convenience, we also offer credit-bearing modules that can stack towards part-time degrees at the undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Our approach puts you at the heart of all that we seek to do. Our methodology focuses on three pillars: autonomy, context and experiential learning.

We would like you to have as much flexibility and autonomy in terms of how you learn, when you learn and how you are assessed.

We use plenty of case studies and videos, to ensure your learning is contextualised and anchored in real world experience. We situate your learning with site visits or localised cases, tailoring them to existing frameworks for competencies, knowledge and skills required by your industry. We also seek to create an interactive environment where you can build networks and receive personalised help and support even after you leave us.