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Vibrant City Campus

Set within the heart of Singapore’s thriving cosmopolitan cityscape and civic district, SMU is abuzz with life and activity

Practice-Oriented Approach

We use case studies and videos to ensure your learning is contextualised and anchored in real world experience

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What Our Participants Say

Prof Teo was really insightful and clear in explaining key concepts to us. He kept a very good balance for the course in terms of statistical concepts and analytics models.
Melvyn Tan
Senior HR Manager, Publicis Media
The programme helps to visualise how managers can implement strategies in a more effective way.
Nafisah Binte Zakari
Senior Executive, Singapore Mediation Centre, Singapore Academy of Law
We enjoyed the process of the progression and group work, group thinking and team work plus brainstorming. It's fun and relaxing.
Elvin Soh
CEO, Hoga Iyota Communications & Tech (S) Pte Ltd
It has widen my knowledge on some of the readily available management tools that may be applicable in the property development sector.
Lai Kok Heng
Manager, City Developments Limited
Although it was a short course, it was well packaged and focused to equip the students with basic but effective trading techniques. The case studies used in class, facilitated better understanding on how to apply the trading techniques. Most importantly, the post-course support provided continuous guidance to help the students through their learning journey.
Boon Chuan
Director, HR, Sia Huat Private Limited
Lean Six Sigma has provided me with a better visibility on how my project is currently performing with tools that allow me to measure the progress and spot areas in need of improvement.    With Lean Six Sigma, my team (comprising of 15 key members across multiple departments) and I are able to smoothly implement a change management plan for my client’s new department to focus on market research, branding, digital marketing, development of application, business development and sales activities. Since commencement of project, we doubled customer acquisition by 175% increase in a couple months ! Real life cases shared with us during class by a professional who has used Lean Six Sigma methodologies for over two decades was an eye opening moment as you could see all the theories, processes learned from the slides put to practice in a real professional environment and witness their outcome. This is a crucial element in my learning curve ! I would definitely recommend this course to any professionals !
Norris Capsie
Consulting Director and Co-founder, Alphanova Pte Ltd