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What Our Participants Say

I came to the programme thinking it is a presentation skills workshop but I gotten much more in terms of getting the message right and strategy correct when communicating to people.
Wayne Law
Finance Director, Dragon Geophysical Pte Ltd
Attending this course made me step out of my comfort zone because I’m so caught up in day-to-day operations. Coming here, I realise that in the construction industry, we’re all facing common problems but in different contexts - staff retention, talent management and so on. It’s very interesting to be able to share with them and hear that something is happening because of a certain concept, and to find that the concept is actually covered in the course itself.
Chua Wee Li
Manager (Project), Tiong Seng Contractors
All were very beneficial! Very easy to relate to and comprehend.
S. Logamathi
HR Manager, MINDEF
The curriculum of this programme was well planned and organized as classes were spread out over three months so as to not eat into working hours. Most importantly, the course instructor – Francis was very dedicated and passionate in this area. There were several times where he would stay back after the course have ended to address my queries or guide us with the project. PACS’s Transformation Office was set up to facilitate Transformation process within the organization, to  improve the way we work and to help our customer, distribution channels and employees live life well. The project that I am currently on is to assess the current key processes (New Business, Policy Servicing and Claims) in the Operations Division and to identify areas of improvement to help the company to achieve our vision. People tend to see automation and digitalisation as a means to eliminated inefficiencies and to resolve their issues.However, without understanding the root cause of the issues, more often than not, they would end up automating the issues (thus making it more complicated), or buying a software that does not add any value to their current processes and to solve the issues that they are facing. In other words - “garbage in, garbage out”. Lean Six Sigma becomes more relevant than ever for companies looking to transform or digitalise their business and operation as the methodologies enable the organization to identify their key issues, root causes and solution in a systematic approach to achieve their objective. After attaining Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, I am keen to pursue Black Belt Certification to raise my proficiency in this area of expertise. I would definitely recommend friends/colleagues that are keen to upskill themselves to take up this Lean Six Sigma course from SMU.
Leon Tan
Process Improvement Specialist , Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (PACS)
I saw that the CPBM had some areas that I felt were very relevant like the one in financial accounting, which has helped me significantly since I have no background in accounting. The one of the sandwiched middle manager was also interesting and useful for me and I could identify with it well as I coincidentally had an on-going business crises to manage. The one on IOT was the eye opener for me though and has rather piqued my interest a lot in AI and its possibilities. I took all the courses on my own accord actually as I felt a "hunger" to acquire skills, know-how and hear from others mainly to stay relevant, to be a better manager for my team, and to see how to be more well-rounded in other aspects of business. I would say they have contributed greatly to my personal development and have helped to shape and validate some of the views and practices I've initiated at the workplace and also helped me avoid some pitfalls and take corrective action for poorly executed strategies or practices. I feel more equipped and confident and have a better idea of authentic leadership now than before I started all the courses about 1 year ago…
David Lee
Area Manager, Chimec
I have benefited and acquired knowledge around ESG related issues and opportunities. The trainer has brought several international case studies and examples which were eye opening.
P. Ng
Associate Financial Officer , National Heart Centre