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Set within the heart of Singapore’s thriving cosmopolitan cityscape and civic district, SMU is abuzz with life and activity

Practice-Oriented Approach

We use case studies and videos to ensure your learning is contextualised and anchored in real world experience

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What Our Participants Say

Very practical experience. A practicum that helps to understand the concept and how to execute it.
Agnes Quek
Director, Singapore Brain Development Centre
A good all-round programme with a lot of learning points.
Olof Thoren
Project Director, Gammon Pte Ltd
Thanks SMU for organising this sort of useful training in Singapore.
Tong ZiQian
Board Director, Pfizer Singapore Trading
Absolutely delighted. I paid $4k for a course by another HR training provider which I decided was a waste of my time after 2 days. This course was enriching and had a good group of sharers.
Anne Tan
Manager, Tetra Pak South East Asia
I have attended this Technical Analysis course conducted by Adrian in SMU and is satisfied with how the course was carried out. The course is focused and has touched on a wide range of basic TA strategies. What I like about this course is its hands-on approach when it comes to the application of the strategies as it is required by the attendees to download and register OANDA's dummy trading account. Students are shown historical case studies and will be applying the taught techniques based on real-time chart movements. Adrian's course content and methodology are very down to earth and realistic, which imparts the type of discipline and commitment involved when it comes to trading. I would say this is a very good starter pack for people who want to learn trading, as this course expose the learner to many different types of trading techniques and indicators.
Weida Ngan
Director, HR, Sia Huat Private Limited
This course was a good symbiosis of academic theories from the SMU faculty, synergistically aligned with ground knowledge and experience from healthcare experts.
K Sharmila d/o P N Kannan
Director, Admin, Research Affairs & Support Services, Singapore Eye Research Institute