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Vibrant City Campus

Set within the heart of Singapore’s thriving cosmopolitan cityscape and civic district, SMU is abuzz with life and activity

Practice-Oriented Approach

We use case studies and videos to ensure your learning is contextualised and anchored in real world experience

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SMU Academy issues its own digital credential to display your competencies across the web and your CVs.

What Our Participants Say

Takeaways are useful in helping to implement new concepts for the company.
Calvin Chan
General Manager, Polar Puffs & Cakes Pte Ltd
I joined this course thinking it’s all about productivity – in fact, it is far more wide ranging. Looking back at some of the work problems I’ve faced – I didn’t recognise the strengths and weaknesses of our operations and management until I encountered them in this course. I’ve learnt that it is very beneficial to stop, take a step back and look at things from a different perspective rather than getting caught in the rush of daily operations.
Cillius Adrianto
Senior Maintenance Manager, Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd
Content was well prepared and very relevant to today's studies. Content was ample to apply to our future references. Workshop was very relevant and can be used for real-life application. Instructors were very knowledgeable and delivered content clearly.Thank you for your workshop. I have learnt a lot from it. Will work hard to be a great DPO
Ben Tan
Director, HR, Sia Huat Private Limited
This course benefitted me by bringing about a more systematical way to manage project, identify problem and handling it.  Knowledge and tool is only useful when deployed at the right situation and with wisdom and experience to make it happen. The time was flexible for working adults and there are skill and knowledge that can't be learnt from textbook or from online reading !
Steven Chiang
Design Engineer, Cyient Singapore Pte Ltd
I saw that the CPBM had some areas that I felt were very relevant like the one in financial accounting, which has helped me significantly since I have no background in accounting. The one of the sandwiched middle manager was also interesting and useful for me and I could identify with it well as I coincidentally had an on-going business crises to manage. The one on IOT was the eye opener for me though and has rather piqued my interest a lot in AI and its possibilities. I took all the courses on my own accord actually as I felt a "hunger" to acquire skills, know-how and hear from others mainly to stay relevant, to be a better manager for my team, and to see how to be more well-rounded in other aspects of business. I would say they have contributed greatly to my personal development and have helped to shape and validate some of the views and practices I've initiated at the workplace and also helped me avoid some pitfalls and take corrective action for poorly executed strategies or practices. I feel more equipped and confident and have a better idea of authentic leadership now than before I started all the courses about 1 year ago…
David Lee
Area Manager, Chimec
The workshop will help you to understand your leadership styles, strengths and how to apply it to achieve service excellence.
Ng Woon Ming Jason
Senior Assistant Director, Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises