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What Our Participants Say

The Growth mindset course delivered by Kwong Yee and SMU has helped me in many ways - at the workplace, with family as well as in business.  Firstly, it empowered our human brains as of understanding there’s no limit to the human brains in what we try to achieve or accomplish as long as we have “GRIT” (Guts, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity) developed within ourselves. Secondly, it focused on within individual’s mindset and how we can apply on others. I have become more self-aware of my thinking and approach, and the way I respond and react to others.  It has given me a better understanding of how human brains work and how we could overcome conflicts between what we think and what we do in many circumstances. It has also significantly improved my effective communication, being a better listener as well as able to ask good questions.  I also understand the need to focus more on “deep diving” into matters.  I think I am fortunate to have learnt this at my current age. The growth mindset will certainly help me in many ways in my life journeys in many decades to come.
Goh Wei Ming
Senior Sales Manager, Fuji Oil Asia
I came to the programme thinking it is a presentation skills workshop but I gotten much more in terms of getting the message right and strategy correct when communicating to people.
Wayne Law
Finance Director, Dragon Geophysical Pte Ltd
Assessment lab with each team doing presentation at the end of each day is great.
Lim Yong Wah
Director, Project Management, Dou Yee International
I have personally attended a few trading workshops but your class is so much more valuable in terms of content, sharing, approachability as a teacher and openness about your past successful and failed experiences. Thank you Adrian. God bless you.
John Amos Tan
Senior Consultant, PwC Singapore
This course benefitted me by bringing about a more systematical way to manage project, identify problem and handling it.  Knowledge and tool is only useful when deployed at the right situation and with wisdom and experience to make it happen. The time was flexible for working adults and there are skill and knowledge that can't be learnt from textbook or from online reading !
Steven Chiang
Design Engineer, Cyient Singapore Pte Ltd
The SMU-SingHealth Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management & Leadership is an excellent course in every way. Not only does it cover important aspects of strategy, operations, crisis management and financial management; relevant to healthcare organisations; the programme also serves as a great platform to develop friendships, collaborative efforts and a common purpose in forwarding the health of our Nation.
Jonathan Choo
Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, KK Women's & Children's Hospital