SMU Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone any programme due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event that a programme is cancelled or rescheduled and the fee has been paid, SMU Academy will refund the nett programme fee received.


Registration will typically close two weeks before the programme commencement date or when the class is fully subscribed, whichever comes first. Registration can remain open until course commencement date if training places are still available.

Substitution, Deferment and Cancellation Policies

The following policies and charges will apply for late notice of deferment or cancellation by participants, except for cases that can be waived based on compassionate or medical grounds.

  • Substitution:

    Two weeks prior to programme commencement - no charge

    Within two weeks of programme commencement – 5% of full programme fee (that is, before any form of funding)

    Request for substitution has to be made in writing, e.g., via email and subject to acceptance by SMU Academy (in case candidates do not meet entry requirements).

  • Cancellation

  • More than 30 days prior to programme commencement – no charge

    15 to 30 days prior to programme commencement – 25% of full programme fee

    7 to 14 days prior to programme commencement – 50% of full programme fee

    Less than 7 days prior to programme commencement – 100% of programme fee*

  • Deferment

    Deferment is permitted on compassionate or medical grounds. Relevant proof or documents must be submitted to substantiate the grounds.

  • Withdrawal

    There will be no refund of programme fees if notification for withdrawal is received after programme commencement.

Assessment and Re-assessment

To safeguard the integrity of the assessments and ensure that the assessment or re-assessment process is fair for all participants, the following policies will be enforced:

  • SMU Academy reserves the right to schedule the assessment for each module/programme. Classes that meet at the same time during a particular period will have a common assessment time. Requests for changes to the assessment date or time will not be entertained, except on compelling or medical grounds. Relevant proof or documents will need to be submitted to substantiate these grounds.

  • Some assessments are graded by the respective instructors and may be reviewed by a programme committee before the results are released to the participants on a personal basis. The decision made by the programme committee is final and no request for re-marking or re-grading will be entertained.

  • Unlike class exercises or assignments, summative or final assessment scripts will not be returned to participants.

  • Re-taking of assessments may be possible for certain programmes. Participants are to refer to the information that accompanies the specific course on the fee chargeable for re-assessment, depending on whether the re-assessment is taken on the first or second attempt.

  • If a participant chooses to drop out of training prior to successful completion or chooses not to sit for a re-assessment at any time, he/she will be requested to pay/top up the training fees in full (for government subsidized programmes) and will not be entitled to any certificates or Statements of Attainment (SOAs).