Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Programme Code: SSG Course Code : CRS-N-0045615


As organizations compete, the ones that can execute with quality and speed to deliver superior customer experience supported by efficient processes typically have the competitive advantage.

Conversely, a culture that lacks the skills and willingness to change and improve can inhibit the delivery of innovation and competitive advantage.  Besides being competent in the functional skills and knowledge one is hired for, it is important for employees to have the skills and mindset to solve problems, innovate and be a catalyst for change in an organization. An employee with the skills and mindset to solve problems, innovate and facilitate change is one who can add value to the organisation beyond the expected functional skills and knowledge one is hired for.

* Run 12 (20 June 2019) FULL ! Run 13 (11 July 2019) NOW OPEN !


In this course, you will learn Lean Six Sigma frameworks and tools for doing just that, at a Green Belt level of scale, complexity, and challenge. Lean Six Sigma Green (LSS) Belts are typically professionals who seek to improve customer experience and processes while retaining their functional responsibilities. To assure success, improvement projects often relates to their functional areas and project scopes are defined at a manageable boundary. This is in contrast to a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt level that typically requires full-time multiple project responsibilities for improvements of a high level of scale, complexity, and challenge.

This is a professional certification course, where you will learn not only the frameworks, concepts, and tools in the form of lectures, classroom exercises, and discussions, but also in the form of assessment, project work, coaching and certification review.

This course aims to train participants in Lean Six Sigma frameworks, concepts, tools and methodologies at a Green Belt level and provide them a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification with evidence of a high standard of competency through assessments by written test, project works and certification review. For organisations and employers, a certified SMU Lean Six Sigma Green Belt participant is one who has undergone rigorous training and assessment to embark professionally in a career that would espouse continuous improvement using Lean Six Sigma at a Green Belt level.

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Fee SGD4815.00* (as low as SGD544.50* after maximum funding) Learn more
  • 3 classroom sessions (1 session each month) (Total of 45 hours)
  • 2 weekday evenings and a full Saturday per classroom session

Singapore Management University – Details will be made known to participants later

Learning Objectives
  • Appreciate the key principles, focuses, history and differences in Lean and Six Sigma.
  • Frame and define problems or opportunities, goals, and scope for improvement.
  • Understand the importance and key aspects of managing team and change for improvement.
  • Appreciate the tools in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt toolbox; select and apply the tools according to the needs of a project in terms of measurement, analysis, innovation, implementation and sustaining the benefits.
  • Understand and manage the improvement project and process using the framework.

Who Should Attend

Managers, professionals, team leads and employees who are expected to lead improvement efforts in their work areas, or those who aspire to be in such roles, should attend this programme. You should be a Graduate with a good Bachelor’s degree or a Polytechnic Graduate with at least 1 year of working experience. You should also be someone who would be comfortable working in and leading project teams.  Organisation leaders who would like to learn what it would take to manage a LSS Green Belt project in their organization are also welcome.



  • In-class participation
  • Test
  • Tollgate project reviews (based on 1 project)
  • Final certification review


This is a professional certification course.  Upon fulfillment of the certification criteria as follows, you will be awarded a SMU Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:

  • 75% attendance of all training sessions
  • Successfully passed the test
  • Successfully delivered one improvement project using Lean Six Sigma methodologies with demonstrated understanding, application and improvement results

A 'Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt' certificate will be issued with passing of online test and 75% attendance of all classroom training.

Fees and Funding


Full fee for non-Singaporean Citizens and non-PRs: S$4,815 per pax (including GST) SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) Funding for Individuals:

  • S$1,444.50 (including GST) for Singapore Citizens below 40 years and Singapore Permanent Residents

  • S$544.50 (including GST) for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above

  • Self-sponsored Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above may use their SkillsFuture Credit (up to S$500) to further defray part of the course fees.


SkillsFuture Series 
Course fee grant of 70% of course fees (excluding GST) for participants who are successfully enrolled by SMU into approved courses under the Programme. Participants must be Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.

SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy ("MCES")
Up to 90% of course fees for Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs ("ETSS")
Up to 90% of course fees; and 80% of basic hourly salary capped at $7.50/hr for local employees of SMEs

SkillsFuture Credit
Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above, and self-funding may use their SkillsFuture Credit (up to S$500) to defray part of the course fee. Please click User Guide on how to submit your claim. SkillsFuture Credit claims may be submitted by logging in via MySkillsFuture.sg.

* Important Note: Participants claiming SkillsFuture credits should locate the course in Training Exchange using the Course Code/Name above


Start Date(s)
Intake Information

2018 Intakes and Dates

Course Duration :

Each run is conducted over 3 sessions; each session comprising of 2 weekday evenings (7pm to 10.30pm) and a full Saturday (9am to 6pm).


Run 1: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED - 30 PAX] [REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 15 - 17 March 2018 

Session 2: 19 - 21 April 2018

Session 3: 17 - 19 May 2018


Run 2: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED - 30 PAX] [REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 7 - 8 May 2018 

Session 2: 31 May - 1 Jun 2018

Session 3: 28 - 29 Jun 2018


Run 3: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED - 30 PAX] [REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 12 - 14 July 2018

Session 2: 2 - 4 August 2018

Session 3: 13 - 15 September 2018


Run 4: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED - 30 PAX] [REGISTRATION CLOSED] 

Session 1: 19 - 21 July 2018

Session 2: 16 -18 August 2018

Session 3: 20 - 22 September 2018


Run 5: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED - 30 PAX] [REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 26 - 27 Sep 2018

Session 2: 30 - 31 Oct 2018

Session 3: 27 - 28 Nov 2018


Run 6: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [OVER SUBSCRIBED - 40 PAX] [REGISTRATION CLOSED]*

Session 1: 11 - 13 Oct 2018

Session 2: 8 - 10 Nov 2018

Session 3: 6-8 Dec 2018

* Thank you very much for your overwhelming interest for Run 6. Please note that all requests for placement on waiting list for Run 6 will be redirected for consideration of admissions to the 10-12 January 2019 run 7.


2019 Intakes and Dates

Run 7: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED][REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 10 - 12 Jan 2019

Session 2: 14 - 16 Feb 2019

Session 3: 21 - 23 Feb 2019

Run 8: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED][REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 24 - 26 Jan 2019

Session 2: 28 Feb - 2 Mar 2019

Session 3: 28 - 30 Mar 2019

Run 9: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED][REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 4 - 6 Apr 2019

Session 2: 9 - 11 May 2019

Session 3: 27 - 29 Jun 2019

Run 10: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED][REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 11 - 13 Apr 2019

Session 2: 16-18 May 2019

Session 3: 13-15 Jun 2019

Run 11: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED][REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 23 - 25 May 2019

Session 2: 30 May -1 Jun 2019

Session 3: 6 - 8 Jun 2019

Run 12: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [FULLY SUBSCRIBED][REGISTRATION CLOSED]

Session 1: 20 - 22 Jun 2019

Session 2: 4 - 6 Jul 2019

Session 3: 18 - 20 Jul 2019

Run 13: (Each run is conducted over 3 sessions) [NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION !]

Session 1: 11 - 13 Jul 2019

Session 2: 15 - 17 Aug 2019

Session 3: 12 - 14 Sep 2019

Programme Registration

Registrants are required to submit the following supporting documents at the point of registration :

(i) NRIC Declaration Form; and

(ii)Letter of Undertaking to be duly completed and signed; and

(ii) Copy of Certificate of Highest Qualification; and

(iii) Updated copy of Curriculum Vitae


Waiting List

From time to time, seats in current or upcoming intakes may be opened up. Please email academy@smu.edu.sg your (I) full name, (ii) job designation, (iii) company name, (iv) contact number, (iv) intake, as well as all the following documents, to be registered on our waiting list.

(i) Copy of Certificate of Highest Qualification (scanned copy); and

(II) Updated copy of Curriculum Vitae


Speaker/Trainer Bio

Francis Lim
Programme Director, SMU Lean Six Sigma Certification Programmes
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Francis Lim is an experienced certified Master Black Belt with more than 15 years of successful record of accomplishment in methodologies, management, training and certification; and project deployment in the area of continuous improvement and operational excellence, using Lean Six Sigma.  Francis’ Lean Six Sigma experience covers project work, large turnkey initiatives and organisational deployment across geographies, various functions and business environments.  Examples include Manufacturing and Quality (Becton Dickinson), Supply Chain (Linde Gas), Commercial Processes (Microsoft), Sales Operations (HP), Banking and Services (OCBC), and Administrative and Education Services (SMU). His experience in regional implementations include Asia Pacific (example, Becton Dickinson) and South East Asia (example, Linde Gas). Francis also has a successful track record of delivering training and certification for Lean Six Sigma related topics in these environments, where he uses case studies, applications and examples that participants from the respective environment can relate to.  Francis now heads his own consultancy.

Mr John S. Hamalian

Owner, Sustainable Organisational Excellence

John S. Hamalian has over 20 years of experience at General Motors and Dell, specialising in Lean Management, Business Improvement, Strategy and Organisational Development.  With assignments based in the USA, China, Korea, India and Singapore, he has held 2 Asia-Pacific Regional Director positions.  John is an adjunct lecturer at various universities, a published writer on Lean, Strategy and global perspectives, and an active speaker at Business Excellence conferences, global corporations, public agencies and professional institutions.  John is the owner of Sustainable Organisational Excellence, providing consulting, facilitation and training to help clients across Asia improve their performance and increase value. He holds an MBA from Fordham University in New York and a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from Kettering University in Michigan. An avid explorer, John has visited a total of 45 countries, including the entire Far East of Asia, and speaks conversational Mandarin Chinese. He is an active supporter of several NGOs, including serving as Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Dr Patrizia Di Lorenzo

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Dr. Pat Di Lorenzo is a very passionate Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt with more than 20 years experience leading large-scale, complex business performance re-engineering engagements across multiple business lines and geographies. During her professional career Pat has worked on a wide variety of projects enabling new streamlined and optimized ways of doing business and delivering on stated goals, driving efficiency across the organization and achieving specific performance targets both monetary and non-monetary. In every company, including Sun Microsystems, Dimension Data, Nortel Networks , Visa and most recently Singtel, Pat has proudly achieved outstanding personal and team results which fuelled her motivation to keep mentoring business teams and propagating best practices. Pat holds a Doctorate in Computer Science from the State University of Milan (Italy) and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Bradford (UK).


The training course practically enhance my know how and skillset. I use and applied what I learnt. These made and continued to make that differential, positive impact to my organisation in our workaround for the factory manufacturing productivity program, and to maximize our project teams’ effort toward delivering a satisfactory solution to our customers. It enabled me too, to drive my team better in creating and delivering an efficient /stable oil volume dispensing process with Cpk above 1.33 as compared to the initial of 0.87 before the start of our project.

This in return, delighted our customers with zero defect in our refrigeration compressors with regard to the oil volume amount dispensed.

A very well-presented course with well organised material which has been well delivered !

Francis was very experienced and had great knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and was able to teach it in a very practical experience-based style.

Would highly recommend the course to other colleagues in the company !

I am currently embarking my Black Belt training course /certification with SMU academy, to further broaden & enhance my knowledge in lean six sigma !
Ang Koh Yoong
Plant Manager, Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices Singapore
Lean Six Sigma has provided me with a better visibility on how my project is currently performing with tools that allow me to measure the progress and spot areas in need of improvement.
With Lean Six Sigma, my team (comprising of 15 key members across multiple departments) and I are able to smoothly implement a change management plan for my client’s new department to focus on market research, branding, digital marketing, development of application, business development and sales activities. Since commencement of project, we doubled customer acquisition by 175% increase in a couple months !

Real life cases shared with us during class by a professional who has used Lean Six Sigma methodologies for over two decades was an eye opening moment as you could see all the theories, processes learned from the slides put to practice in a real professional environment and witness their outcome. This is a crucial element in my learning curve !

I would definitely recommend this course to any professionals !
Norris Capsie
Consulting Director and Co-founder, Alphanova Pte Ltd
This course benefitted me in my organization by process improvement translating into monetary savings : the purchasing workflow was streamlined and cost saving for the company projected to be approximately $70K per annum. 

Mr Francis Lim is very experienced and can articulate really well. Being knowledgeable and being able to impart knowledge is very different. To this end, I think he did exceptionally well !

Yes, I would recommend a friend to take the course !
Francis Ong
Deputy General Manager, Shori Pte Ltd
The course has helped me better frame my analysis in a methodological way when approaching my clients' challenges. The framework also allows me to delve deeper into both the quantitative and qualitative gains that companies can achieve by streamlining their processes with technology.

It helps me to clearly identify process gaps and improvement areas for clients. 

Francis is able to constantly substantiate real life examples to show the application of Lean Six Sigma methodologies !

My future plans after Green Belt certification : Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification !
Huang Jun Ming
Consultant, Capgemini Singapore Pte Ltd
This course benefitted me by bringing about a more systematical way to manage project, identify problem and handling it. 

Knowledge and tool is only useful when deployed at the right situation and with wisdom and experience to make it happen.

The time was flexible for working adults and there are skill and knowledge that can't be learnt from textbook or from online reading !
Steven Chiang
Design Engineer, Cyient Singapore Pte Ltd
The curriculum of this programme was well planned and organized as classes were spread out over three months so as to not eat into working hours. Most importantly, the course instructor – Francis was very dedicated and passionate in this area. There were several times where he would stay back after the course have ended to address my queries or guide us with the project.

PACS’s Transformation Office was set up to facilitate Transformation process within the organization, to  improve the way we work and to help our customer, distribution channels and employees live life well.

The project that I am currently on is to assess the current key processes (New Business, Policy Servicing and Claims) in the Operations Division and to identify areas of improvement to help the company to achieve our vision.

People tend to see automation and digitalisation as a means to eliminated inefficiencies and to resolve their issues.However, without understanding the root cause of the issues, more often than not, they would end up automating the issues (thus making it more complicated), or buying a software that does not add any value to their current processes and to solve the issues that they are facing. In other words - “garbage in, garbage out”.

Lean Six Sigma becomes more relevant than ever for companies looking to transform or digitalise their business and operation as the methodologies enable the organization to identify their key issues, root causes and solution in a systematic approach to achieve their objective.

After attaining Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, I am keen to pursue Black Belt Certification to raise my proficiency in this area of expertise.

I would definitely recommend friends/colleagues that are keen to upskill themselves to take up this Lean Six Sigma course from SMU.
Leon Tan
Process Improvement Specialist , Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (PACS)
Our current process for Business Partner Due Diligence Checklist is done manually which cause errors and delays in the BP reviews and also hardcopies filings taking up storage space.

Through my lean project able to state out the Business Case and provide improvement to the current process.
In the implementation plan, I was able to achieve time reduction by 50% and also digitalize for the BP reviews.

LSS skill enable me to streamline my current department work process and can execute a implementation plan with the knowledge and improve on the work process.

Just as LSS adopts a continuous improvement and efficiency system, I intend to take up the LSS Black Belt Certification from SMU in maybe another 2 – 3 years’ time.
Chow Min Hui
Corporate Services, Rabobank Singapore


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